Little. 21. College student. Currently Daddy-less. I like lots of things. Mostly my Moosie, my two puppies, the lion king, psychology, and cuddles. I can be rather shy when it comes to actually initiating conversations with new people, but I am friendly! So drop an ask if you want to say hi :D


instead of watching the 50 Shades trailer, why not just make awkward eye contact with a total stranger at the grocery store for a solid 2 minutes and 34 seconds? you get the same skin-crawling, uncomfortable feeling but without the shitty writing, terrible acting and massive dose of rape culture

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hello cats hello cats hello cats hello cats


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iconic classic cuties characters (1/2)

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i want to cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle and cuddle

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Phrases that little me loves to hear :



• Can you take care of Daddy, babygirl?

• Go on baby, do it for Daddy.

• Good girl, princess.

• You make Daddy so proud!

• Be Daddy’s good little girl.

• Behave!

• Now, young lady.

• C’mere, little girl. Daddy needs you.

• Do that…

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